My Most Anticipated 2022 Romance New Releases

Updated: Feb 20

You're not a true book lover if you're able to just read from your TBR. I'm bringing you a selection of 2022 new releases that it I think will be perfect additions to your book shelves.

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Reminders Of Him by Colleen Hoover

Release date: Jan 18th

Pre-order: Amazon & Waterstones

The Queen, aka Colleen Hoover, is back.

After serving five years in prison for a tragic mistake, Kenna Rowan returns to the town where it all went wrong, hoping to reunite with her four-year-old daughter. The only person who hasn’t closed the door on her completely is Ledger Ward, a local bar owner and one of the few remaining links to Kenna’s daughter. The two form a connection despite the pressure surrounding them, but as their romance grows, so does the risk. Kenna must find a way to absolve the mistakes of her past in order to build a future out of hope and healing.

Roughest Draft by Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka

Release date: Jan 27th

Pre-order: Amazon & Waterstones

Three years ago, Katrina Freeling and Nathan Van Huysen were the brightest literary stars on the horizon, their cowritten book topping bestseller lists. But they ended their partnership on bad terms. They haven't spoken since, and never planned to, except they have one final book due on contract. While passion and prose push them closer together in the Florida heat, Katrina and Nathan will learn that relationships, like writing, sometimes take a few rough drafts before they get it right.

Twisted Hate by Ana Huang

Author of Twisted Love & Twisted Games

Release date: Jan 27th

Pre-order: Amazon (eBook); paperback available on day of release

Gorgeous, cocky, and on his way to becoming a hotshot doctor, Josh Chen has never met a woman he couldn’t charm—except for Jules. When their animosity explodes into one unforgettable night, he proposes a solution that’ll get her out of his system: an enemies with benefits arrangement with simple rules.

Good Girl Complex by Elle Kennedy

Author of The Deal & the Off Campus series

Release date: Feb 1st

Pre-order: Amazon & Waterstones (Standard Edition or Sprayed Edges)

"Mac" is a people pleaser. It's exhausting. Mac has had plenty of practice suppressing her wilder impulses, but when she meets local bad boy Cooper Hartley, that ability is suddenly tested. Cooper is rough around the edges. A threat to her ordered existence. Their friendship soon becomes the realest thing in her life.

But as Mac finally starts feeling accepted by Cooper and his friends, the secret he's been keeping from her threatens the only place she's ever felt at home.

Terms And Conditions by Lauren Asher

Author of The Fine Print

Release date: March 17th (earlier in the US)

Pre-order: Amazon

After just finishing The Fine Print it's definitely going to be an instant buy for me. Terms And Conditions is the second book in the Dreamland Billionaires series; following three billionaire brothers.

In order to get his inheritance Declan needs to meet his grandfathers dying wish; get married. It seems impossible until his assistant volunteers for the job.Their marriage was supposed to be the perfect solution to his biggest problem. Caring about Iris was never part of the deal. Especially not when breaking her heart is inevitable.

By Any Other Name by Lauren Kate

Release date: March 1st

Pre-order: Amazon, Book Depository & WHSmith

Noa Calloway is a bestselling romance author. Love stories that editor Lanie has shaped her life around, who's shocked to learn the beloved, reclusive, author is actually Noah Ross - a distractingly handsome man.

Noah has writer's block. With her job on the line, Lanie has to work with him to spark the crucial inspiration Noah needs to write his next heart-stopping romance. Yet as they show each other all their favourite spots in New York City - Lanie can't help but wonder if the man by her side, and the author that stole her heart, might actually not be so different after all . . .

Four Aunties And A Wedding by Jesse Q Sutanto

Author of Dial A For Aunties

Release date: March 29th

Pre-order: Amazon & Waterstones

Instead of having her aunts cater to her wedding, Meddy finds the perfect wedding vendors: a Chinese-Indonesian family-run company just like theirs. She hits it off right away with the wedding photographer, Staphanie.

Later she overhears Staphanie talking about taking out a target. Horrified, Meddy can't believe Staphanie and her family are The Family--actual mafia, and they're using Meddy's wedding as a chance to conduct shady business. Her aunties and mother will do whatever it takes to save her special day, even if it means taking on the mafia.

Second First Impression by Sally Thorne

Author of The Hating Game

Release date: April 7th

Pre-order: Amazon

Ruthie Midona is 24 and fully committed to her job at a luxury retirement village.

Teddy Prescott is practically allergic to a hard day's work. When he rocks up as the retirement village's newest employee, Ruthie is less than impressed. Lucky for Ruthie, her favourite pair of mischievous residents need a new assistant to torture...

Except Teddy may be about to surprise her - not just by surviving the old women's antics, but by charming Ruthie so much, she starts to remember that there's more to life than work... Could Teddy be far more than simply an unwelcome distraction?

Hook, Line, and Sinker by Tessa Bailey

Author of It Happened One Summer

Release date: April 14th

Pre-order: Amazon & Waterstones

King crab fisherman Fox Thornton has a reputation as a sexy, carefree flirt. Hannah Bellinger is immune to his charm and looks. And wants to be friends?

As the line between friendship and flirtation begins to blur, Hannah can't deny she loves everything about Fox.

Living with his best friend should have been easy. Except now Fox is fantasizing about waking up next to her for the rest of his life. He’s fallen for her, hook, line, and sinker. Helping her flirt with another guy is pure torture, but maybe if Fox can tackle his inner demons and show Hannah he’s all in, she'll choose him instead?

Dating Dr. Dil by Nisha Sharma

Release date: April 14th

Pre-order: Amazon

Nisha Sharma’s new romantic comedy features enemies to lovers, a cast of best friends, and a gaggle of aunties determined to make a match.

Kareena dreams of having a perfect love story like her parents did. That’s why on the morning of her thirtieth birthday, she’s decided to suit up and enter the dating arena. When her widowed father announces he’s retiring and selling their home after her sister’s engagement party, Kareena makes a deal with him. If she can find her soulmate by the date of the party, he’ll gift her the house, and she’ll be able to keep her mother’s legacy alive.

Something Wilder by Christina Lauren

Authors of The Unhoneymooners

Release date: May 5th

Pre-order: Amazon & Waterstones

Growing up the daughter of notorious treasure hunter and absentee father Duke Wilder left Lily without much patience for the profession or much money in the bank. Ready to leave the past behind him, Leo wants nothing more than to reconnect with his first and only love. Unfortunately, Lily Wilder is all business, drawing a clear line in the sand: it's never going to happen.

But when the trip goes horribly and hilariously wrong, the group wonders if maybe the legend of the hidden treasure wasn't a gimmick after all.

Leo and Lily must decide whether they'll risk their lives and hearts on the adventure of a lifetime.

Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Author of Beach Read

Release date: May 5th

Pre-order: <