I'm beginning to read a lot about Christmas!

Updated: Jan 29

It's finally the time of year for avoiding plans and curling up with a book, candle and blanket. So it's also a perfect time to share books you should read this Christmas.

Here are sixteen books* that sound like a great addition to your TBR this winter; from sweet and heartwarming, to smutty and steamy, there's hopefully something to cater for your every need.

1. Window Shopping by Tessa Bailey

We might as well start with the most hyped Christmas book this year, from the author of It Happened One Summer, Tessa Bailey brings you Window Shopping.

"I'm standing alone in front of the famous Vivant department store, when a charming man named Aiden asks my opinion of the décor. It's a tragedy in tinsel, I say, unable to lie. Did I know he owned the place? No. He put me on the spot. //

Now I'm working for that man, trying to ignore that he's hot. I'll put my heart and soul into dressing his holiday windows. I'll work without stopping. And when we lose the battle with temptation, I'll try and remember I'm just window shopping".

2. The Twelve Dates Of Christmas by Jenny Bayliss

"Kate loves Christmas. So when her best friend insists she signs up to the Twelve Dates of Christmas, a brand new dating app service, she doesn’t need too much persuading. Twelve perfect festive dates with the area’s most eligible men – who could say no?

Amongst the twinkling lights and falling snow, over hot chocolates and glasses of red wine, romance is easy to find. But with each date, Kate learns more about the men, and even more about herself. As the big day approaches, Kate’s left wondering – is it really the season for true love, or will this Christmas be the coldest yet?"

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3. The Holiday Switch by Tif Marcelo

"Lila Santos is ready for her last winter break of high school. But her perfect holiday plans crash to a halt when her boss's frustratingly cute nephew, Teddy Rivera, becomes her coworker. Lila is type A; Teddy is type "Anything but Lila's Way," and the two of them can't stop butting heads over tangled icicle lights and messy gift shop merch.

But when they accidentally switch phones one afternoon, they realise they've both been hiding things from each other. Will their secrets--and an unexpected snowstorm--bring these rivals together?"

4. This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens

If you follow me on Tiktok you'll have seen me recommending This Time Next Year.

"Quinn and Minnie are born on New Year's Eve, in the same hospital, one minute apart. Their lives may begin together, but their worlds couldn't be more different.

Thirty years later they find themselves together again in the same place, at the same time.What if fate is trying to bring them together? Maybe it's time to take a chance on love..."

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5. A Very Bossy Christmas by Kayley Loring

"What’s the actual last thing you’d ever want your executive assistant to see you doing the morning after you had hot, drunk, angry sex with her in a terrible hotel room?

This isn’t even the most unprofessional thing that’s happened between us in the past couple of weeks.

The first was when I agreed to let her have Christmas Day off, but only if she goes with me to three family gatherings as my fake girlfriend.

The second was when she caught me belting out a Christmas song on stage in the awful hotel bar.

The third was the hot, drunk, angry sex that followed, but I do not regret it...."

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6. In A Holidaze by Christina Lauren

"This is the last Christmas Mae will be at her favourite place in the world - the snowy cabin where she and her family have spent every holiday since she was born. Mentally melting down as she drives away for the final time, Mae throws out what she thinks is a simple plea to the universe: Please. Show me what will make me happy.

The next thing she knows, everything goes black . . . When Mae gasps awake, she's back on an airplane, beginning the same holiday all over again. With one hilarious disaster after another sending her back to the plane, Mae must figure out how to break free of the strange time loop - and finally get her true love under the mistletoe".

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7. The Holiday Swap by Maggie Knox

"When chef Charlie Goodwin gets hit on the head on the set of her reality baking show, she loses a lot more than consciousness. Meanwhile, Charlie's identical twin, Cass, is frantically trying to hold her own life together back in their quaint mountain hometown while running the family's bustling bakery and dealing with her ex, who won't get the memo that they're over. // With only days until Christmas, a desperate Charlie asks Cass to do something they haven't done since they were kids: switch places. But temporarily trading lives proves more complicated than they imagined, especially when rugged firefighter Jake Greenman and gorgeous Physician Assistant Miguel Rodriguez are thrown into the mix".

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8. One Day In December by Josie Silver

"Laurie is pretty sure love at first sight doesn't exist. After all, life isn't a scene from the movies, is it? But then, through a misted-up bus window one freezing day, she sees a man she knows instantly is the one. Their eyes meet, there's a moment of pure magic...and then her bus drives away.

Laurie thinks she'll never see the boy from the bus again. But at a party later that year, her best friend Sarah introduces her to the new love of her life. Who is, of course, the boy from the bus. Determined to let him go, Laurie gets on with her life. But what if fate has other plans?"

Also available on Audible - read for free by signing up for the free Audible trial.

9. Jingle Wars: by R Holmes and Veronica Eden

"Two inns, one town, and there’s not enough room for the both of them. Finn Mayberry has enough on his plate trying to keep his Grandparents inn afloat. The last thing he needed was some California state of mind starlet bulldozing into his town and throwing up a five-star resort right next to his family’s inn. But, now she’s here and he can’t get her out of his town or his head. Freya Anderson's finally here and ready to take on the task of proving to her father that she can handle running Alpine. She never expected to make enemies with the sinfully delicious lumberjack of a man who runs the inn next door. He’s moody, impossible and completely off limits..."

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10. Baby It's Cold Outside by Emily Bell

"As Norah battles through the bustling December crowds, she hears the notes of a song that transports her back to the most romantic week of her life.

After meeting on a blissful holiday, but knowing they had to part, a boy named Andrew made her a promise: If they are both single on Christmas Eve in ten years' time, they will meet under the clock on Grafton Street, Dublin.

Norah has no idea if he will remember, but she has nothing to lose. So, hoping for a Christmas miracle, she heads to Dublin. To that clock. And, maybe, to Andrew."

Also available on Audible - read for free by signing up for the free Audible trial.

11. Faking Under the Mistletoe by Ashley Shepherd

"Olivia Langley is the human embodiment of Christmas cheer, and she has absolutely no problem spreading it around for all to hear. So it’s no surprise when she’s put in charge of Loveridge & McGowan’s holiday festivities. . Kissing her boss at a Christmas tree lighting in front of his ex-girlfriend? Well… it is the season of giving. In an effort to ungrinch the grinchiest man she’s ever met, Olivia enlists herself, Santa’s Executive Helper, to scheme up a plan that certainly gets Asher’s tinsel in a tangle. She’s pretty sure that she sleighed this whole fake relationship thing. Well… until she realises there’s nothing fake about her feelings for Asher, and suddenly tangled tinsel, unsolicited Christmas trees, and celebrity heartthrobs are the least of her worries."

Also available on Kindle Unlimited - read for free by signing up for the free Kindle Unlimited trial (or for a very limited time period only 99p for 3 months!)

12. Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward Christmas Novella's - Scrooged and The Christmas Pact

"The last thing I needed was to share an Uber with Scrooge—a cocky lawyer on a snowy Christmas Eve. It was bad enough I was on my way to court for the gift of eviction. The Sexy Scrooge and I started to connect as we trudged our way through a storm. Our ride was about to end. But would I ever see him again?"

"When I accidentally mistook a gorgeous man resting outside my building for a homeless person in need of lunch, we got into it. If only I didn’t have to see him again. But fate had